Students using Veterans Readiness and Employment (VR&E, formerly Voc Rehab) are eligible for VA payment of all required books and supplies, which must be purchased through the Campus Bookstore.

To purchase books and supplies, students should follow these steps:

  1. Coordinate directly with your assigned VA VR&E counselor. VA will determine the semester allowance amount and types of expenses covered. VA letters are required each semester.
  2. Students should set up their Bookstore accounts as early as possible in order to avoid delay. VA letters may come directly to the student, to the Bookstore, or to the VA Certifying Official. Check with the Bookstore to see if they received the letter directly from the VA.
  3. Upon receipt of the VA letter authorizing purchase, the Bookstore will establish a student account with a semester credit limit and will bill the VA directly. Students can then purchase books and supplies as required. Students will be unable to obtain books and supplies until the Bookstore has the VA letter on file.
  4. If you or the Bookstore have not received your VA letter, contact your VR&E counselor directly.
  5. Click here for additional Bookstore 101 guidelines from the WashU Campus Store.

If you have any questions, please contact the following individuals:

  • Benefits questions or missing VA letter: Your assigned VA VR&E counselor
  • Bookstore account information and ordering process:
  • Any other questions/issues: Office of Military and Veteran Services,

Additional information about VR&E is available at