The faculty, staff and administrators listed below are WashU Veteran Allies, a campus-wide network committed to creating a welcoming and supportive campus environment for military service members, veterans and family members who study at Washington University. They received specialized training and resources from the Office of Military and Veteran Services.

You can identify Veteran Allies from placards with the logo above, displayed outside their offices. These allies are available to assist you if you run into challenges or simply need a listening ear.

Visit the Veteran Ally Program to learn more.

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences

Bill Lowry
Professor of Political Science


Brown School

Brown School

Alan Beck
Research Manager, Prevention Research Center

Sarah Birch
Admissions & Recruitment Specialist

Danielle Bristow
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Amber Brown
Career Advisor

Siomari Collazo Colon
Associate Dean for Administration

Sarah Dexter
Admissions & Recruitment Specialist

Tonya Edmond
Associate Dean and Professor of Social Work

Erika Gonzalez
Manager of Urban Education Initiatives

Sunghei Han
Service Center Manager

Jenni Harpring
Assistant Dean of Field Education

Susan Imhoff
Executive Coordinator for Academic Affairs

Tina Kennett
Administrative Coordinator

Lee Koelliker
Director of Career Services

Ryan Lindsay
Assistant Dean for Social Work and Associate Professor of Practice

Alisha Wood Lindstrom

Mariana Lopez-Corral
Facilities Assistant

Julie Mastnak
Senior Lecturer

Katie Noonan
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Tammy Orahood
Director of Global Programs

Jacque Martinez Pullen
Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean

Chloé Risto
MSW Program Manager

Lori Siegel

Jewel Stafford
Associate Director of Field Education

Kellie Thompson
Director of the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies

Joshua Walehwa
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Nichole Walker
Event Planner


The Graduate School

The Graduate School

Trevy Augustin
Graduate Student Leadership Coordinator

Bridget Coleman
Admissions and System Specialist

Amy Gassel
Assistant Director of Student Recruiting & System Training

Patricia Howard
Senior Analyst

Angie Mahon
Assistant Registrar & Engineering Student Coordinator

Shawn Miller
Finance Director for the Graduate School

Thi Nguyen
Associate Dean for Graduate Career & Professional Development

Rachel Pepe
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Operations Manager

Janna Schmitt
Payroll and Accounting Coordinator

Susan Shannon
Accounting & Payroll Assistant

Angelina Sylvain
Director of Enrollment and Assessment

William Tate
Dean & Vice Provost for Graduate Education


McKelvey School of Engineering

McKelvey School of Engineering

Steve Bannes
Program Director, Sever Institute

Lia Garofolo
Graduate Programs & Communications Coordinator

Ben Geers
Senior Director of Computing & IT Services

Cindy Heidorn
Department Accountant, Sever Institute

Tammy Kampwerth
Director of Professional Education Marketing, Sever Institute

Cheryl Newman
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

Lynette Rienbolt
Director of Professional Development Programs, Technology & Leadership Center

Nancy Schwartz
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Johanna Sengheiser
Graduate Financial Aid Analyst & Accountant

Joe Scherrer
Executive Director of Professional Education, Director of the Cybersecurity Strategic Initiative, and Program Director for Graduate Studies in Information Systems Management and Cybersecurity Management

Kourtney Shaw
Administrative Assistant, Engineering Graduate Student Services

Kim Simpson
Assistant Director of Academic & Student Services, Sever Institute

Holly Stanwich
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services

Joe Streit
Training & Program Development Manager, Technology & Leadership Center

Pam Struttmann
Director of Student Recruiting, Sever Institute


Olin Business School

Olin Business School

Jackie Carter
Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Kyle Cronan
Associate Director and Manager of Olin Graduate Financial Services

Ashley Macrander
Assistant Dean & Director of Graduate Programs Student Affairs

Sean Martin
Director of Development, Olin Business School

Stephanie Pappas
Financial Services Coordinator

Rachel Wilkins
Associate Director of Talent Acquisition


Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Kim McCabe
Undergraduate Programs Coordinator


School of Law

School of Law

Kathryn Banks
Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, Assistant Professor of Practice, and Director of the Children’s Rights Clinic

Kari Bellon
Director of Admissions

Dorie Bertram
Director of the Law Library Public Services Division and Lecturer in Law

Gail Boker
Associate Dean and Chief of Staff

Carrie Burns
Director of Financial Aid and Student Life

Mary Ann Clifford
Assistant Dean for Admissions

Linda Coffin
Academic Services Specialist

Anna Donovan
Assistant Director of Communications

Amy Gravel
Office of Student Life Coordinator

David Habif
JD Candidate

Sarah Hellin
Registrar and Lecturer in Law

John Inazu
Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law & Religion and Professor of Political Science (by courtesy)

Brian Kelly
Associate Director of Development, Law

Bethel Mandefro
Program Coordinator and Office Manager, Harris Institute

Andrea Martin
Content Specialist

Tomea Mersmann
Assistant Dean for Graduate Recruiting and Professional Development and Lecturer in Law

Admissions Coordinator

Susan Mueller
Manager of Circulation & Public Services

LeAndra Parker
Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Student Life

Hannah Song
Admissions Officer

Jackie Thomas
Assistant Registrar

Elizabeth Walsh
Associate Dean of Student Life and Lecturer in Law


School of Medicine

School of Medicine

Kim Freels
Manager of Marketing & Student Recruitment, Biostatistics


University College

University College

Emily Ketrow
Assistant Accountant

Jon Hinderliter
Director of Marketing and Communications

Pat Matthews
Associate Dean

Rebecca O’Laughlin
Academic Advisor and Recruitment Coordinator

Iris Tabb
Academic Advisor and Recruitment Coordinator

Elisa Wang
Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Student Services

George Winston
Director of Admissions


Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Adrienne Davis
Vice Provost, William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law, and Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equality

Kurt Dirks
Vice Chancellor for International Affairs & Director of McDonnell Academy

Jennifer Gann
Publications Editor, The Bulletin

Susan Lowther
Writing Tutor, The Writing Center

Eileen Radomski
Transcript Coordinator and School Certifying Official, University Registrar

Cecilia Hanan Reyes
Program Coordinator, Faculty & Diversity Initiatives

Rochelle Smith
Assistant Provost of Diversity Initiatives


Government & Community Relations

Government & Community Relations

Sommer Payne
Instructor, Pre-College Program


Human Resources

Human Resources

Sheri Notaro
Senior Career Development Consultant




Amanda Albert
Information Literacy Coordinator

Ted Chaffin
Head of Academic Support & Collaboration and Anthropology Subject Librarian

Rudolph Clay
Head of Library Diversity Initiatives & Outreach, Senior Lecturer in African-American Studies, and African American Studies Subject Librarian

Cheryl Holland
Education Librarian

Debbie Katz
Jewish & Near Eastern Studies, Classics & Philosophy Librarian

Jen Killion
Newman Exploration Center Guide

Sonya Rooney
University Archivist


Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Diane Keaggy
Senior News Director, Campus Life


Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Kandace Anthony
Student Resource Coordinator, Cornerstone

Laura Sandoval-Sweeney
Care Manager, WashU Cares

Heather Stout
Assistant Director of Disability Resources

Falyn Taylor
Support Services Counselor, Student Support and Wellness

Josh Turner
Residential College Director, Residential Life


Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Emma Adebayo
Associate Director of Admissions

Kriston Burroughs
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions