Since March 2004, the WashU Military Care Package volunteer group has sent over 10 tons of snacks, sporting goods, toiletries, socks, home-baked goods (over 20,000!), and other items to U.S. servicemembers deployed overseas. We invite you to nominate a deployed servicemember to receive a care package, or for you to donate to future mailings. Please contact Jill Edwards for more information.

Nominating a Deployed Servicemember: Are you deployed, being deployed, or do you know somebody who is? We accept nominations for our care packages throughout the year, with each package tailored to the servicemember’s needs and wants. We welcome nominations for deployed WashU students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as family and friends of the WashU community. We invite you to nominate yourself or a servicemember you know.

Donating to the Cause: We invite you to contribute to our care package mailings through donation of goods or postage funds or through volunteering your time to package donations. Donations toward mailing are always appreciated. Contributions to the Military Care Package Project are not tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Jill Edwards
(314) 935-5623

Recipient Testimonials

“The gift was absolutely wonderful. I cannot tell you how much it meant. The baked goods were ungodly good. I cannot remember the last time I had a cookie or brownie that tasted that good. My platoon is also very appreciative, when word got out I got fresh brownies and cookies there was a constant flow of people asking if they could get one. We all just want to say thanks. You guys truly made a lot of Marines day.” – JJ C.

“Your boxes have been taken out to Soldiers…I wish I would have been there to see their expression when they were received but I’m sure they were much appreciated, especially at this time of year. Thank you!” – Jessica R.

“Thank you so much for the sheet music! I’ve been playing piano my whole life (self-taught) but eventually got a degree in music performance on the French horn, which I don’t have with me during this deployment. I did four years enlisted with the Army Band before commissioning…and music still remains my passion. Some of this music you have sent me has quite a bit of value, and I especially appreciate the Chopin book…

Again, your gift is way beyond anything anyone here could expect. Thanks for your generosity.” – John A.

“It feels as if Christmas came early in the squadron. We received the boxes of toilet paper on Friday…Our members, especially the females, thank you!!

However, the true surprises came on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as we received all of the paper boxes that were filled with amazing goodies. My flight, leadership, and entire squadron were completely shocked with the amount of love that filled those boxes. I wish I could have captured the look on the faces of the Airmen. You showed these young Airmen that they are cared for and appreciated. You made their day. As I passed out brownies and cookies to each shop, they were all humbled to receive a home-made gift… and eager to consume a tasty treat (the food options leave much to be desired here). 

I am truly humbled by your thoughts and actions. You and your team at WashU really outdid yourselves when you sent those boxes. The morale of the squadron has been lifted and that kind of influence spreads like wildfire. We are almost halfway through our tour, this is when things can begin to get tough… the holidays are coming up, we are all missing our families and counting down the days. But knowing that we are cared for by people on the other side of the planet, people we haven’t met, people that have our back… it means the world.

I can’t thank you enough.” – Kelly

“We would like to thank you for your generosity and support! The cookies and brownies were enjoyed by all and a real boost to morale. Your continued support and prayers are much appreciated.” – Unnamed Unit

“Thank you all so much! All the guys loved the boxes and devoured all the baked goods! Everyone in my company is extremely thankful for all of you taking the time to give us a little piece of back home.” – Adam P.

“We received the packages today and they were a huge hit. Thank you so much for all the items and I can say that the food is all anyone is talking about….Thank you very much for your continued support and thanks again for the wonderful packages!” – Randall D.